Spread the Word & We’ll Share the Wealth

Tell your friends and family about your experience with us and if they open a Simply Better Checking, you receive $25.

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Here’s How the Referral Offer Works

  • Fill out the referral card with your information.
  • Give the card to a friend or family member and have them bring it to the bank with them when they open their checking account.
  • We will deposit $25 into your primary checking account.

Please Remember

Your friends and family must return the referral card when they open their account in order for you to receive the $25. We will send a confirmation letter to you to let you know your referral was approved.

For privacy reasons, we are not able to disclose details of the account that was opened with us or the initial deposit amount. More referral cards are available at each of our branch locations. Just ask a teller or customer service representative. You can also print a referral card by clicking on the link above.

*Offer may be withdrawn at any time.