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TransferNow FAQs

What is TransferNow?

TransferNow is a secure method of transferring money between your Savers Bank accounts and your accounts at another financial institution.

How do I enroll in TransferNow?

To begin using TransferNow you must first enroll in online banking and authorize your external bank accounts.

  • From your desktop select, "Transfers"
  • Select, "External Transfers"
  • Set-up transfer authorization using either of the two verification methods: trial deposit verification or Real-Time account verification.

How quickly will my transferred funds appear in my account?

Savers Bank offers two transfer options: standard and next-day.

  • Standard transfers arrive in the receiving account within three business days.
  • Next-day transfers will arrive in the receiving account on the next business day.

Can I transfer funds to another persons account using TransferNow?

No, to complete the transfer request account titles and names need to be exact from institution to institution.

Is there a fee for using TransferNow?

This added benefit does come with a small charge for next-day services. Presently, the charge for next-day incoming or outgoing transfers is, $7.50.*

*No fee for express service for e-checking customers.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can transfer?

Yes, for your security there is a daily and rolling 30-day limit on transfers initiated through TransferNow.

Daily Limit: $2,000

Rolling 30-Day Limit: $5,000

Questions? For more information about TransferNow contact us at 800.649.3036